Cearc Agus Ubh

3m 20s. 1993

cear agus ubh

Cearc Agus Ubh (Chicken and Egg) tells the story of when Lena finds a gold egg in the hen house. The egg hatches and out comes Seordag; a hen with a TV set stomach. She builds an egg video wall and lays a gold egg. Seordag tries to crack the egg to no avail. "Even Fanny Craddock couldn't make a scone with a gold egg!"

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cear agus ubh

Written and animated by David Hutchison.
Cast : Seordag Murray, Helena Sutherland & her hens. Music : Lochinver Ceilidh Band and MacKenzie<
Voices : Seordag Murray, Kirsteen Gordon, Michael McLeod.

Cearc Agus Ubh from davidhutchison on Vimeo.

© David Hutchison