Seordag Stories Picturebooks

The adventures of cyborg hen Seordag and her friends. Combining storytelling and music, the series was inspired by writer/illustrator David Hutchison's upbringing in Assynt,in the Scottish Highlands.

Picturebooks are aimed at the 3 to 8 age range, available in paperback hardback, Kindle and ebook (epub3 version have Read Aloud voiced by Alec McDonald). Gaelic version at Stòiridhean Seòrdag .

Visit the origins page for more info on the development of Seordag Stories.

1.Where Will I Make My Nest?

Where Will I Make My Nest

Seordag sets off on her journey to find a nice place to make a nest. On her adventures she is shown around by Soley the Seagull, and helped by his friends Ewella the Accordion Sheep, Blarag the Cow Fiddle and Marlene the Crofter. Can they help Seordag find a good place to make a nest?

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2.Broken Bow

Broken Bow

When Blarag the Cow Fiddle breaks her bow Seordag enlists her chicks and friends to find a way to help. Can the chicks win a contest and buy a new bow, and can Flossie the Flying Sheep get them there in time?

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3.Scrying Stone

Scrying Stone

When Seordag disappears after finding a strange stone on the beach, her chicks and Ewella the Accordion Sheep, try to find her. Their search leads them to the dreaded secret laboratory. Can Ewella and the chicks find Seordag and rescue her friend the Seer?

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4.Lost Voice

Lost Voice

Mobile chick Greeny makes up a new song, but when Bluey and Pinky join in, Pinky loses his voice. They go to see if their mother Seordag can help. Who will Seordag call on? Could Marlene the Crofter help, or perhaps the Seer, or even the Cosmic Cockerel?

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An Drumair

When Ewella's favourite band cancel it looks like the village hall dance is in doubt. It's up to Blarag to get a band together, but will Soley be good enough to be their drummer?

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Seordag asks Soley to babysit her chicks while she goes to a knitting night class. When the chicks ask for a bedtime story Soley tells them about the time he met Auld Willie and the Whale, when he got lost in a gale on the way to Shetland.

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When Seordag wants to buy solar panels for the hen house she decides to raise money by knitting and selling mittens. She has to salvage an old knitting machine, make a spinning wheel and dye wool. What could possibly go wrong?

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Gig Across The Galaxy

To prevent a war on Planet Pog the Cosmic Cockerel enlists the Byre Band to travel across the galaxy and play at their peace gig. But then Greeny gets lost in the jungles of Pog. Will she be found safe and well in time for the concert?

Includes the song "The Twin Moons of Pog".

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During a gig Ewella gets a bit carried away playing her accordion and breaks something in her back. Seordag tries to fix it but she needs a bit of help.

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Seordag's chicks find a strange seedpod just as their father the Cosmic Cockerel comes to visit. They give him the seedpod as a welcoming present, little knowing what danger will grow from it.

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Cat Sith Trainers

Bluey desperately wants expensive trainers that influencer Cat Sith is promoting. Seordag can't afford them so she makes a pair for her chick, but Bluey doesn't like them. Soley the seagull tells Seordag that Cat Sith is fake and doesn’t wear trainers. They have to find a way to prove to Bluey that Cat Sith cannot be trusted and that his trainers are not worth it.

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blarag's bane

Blarag attends her first ever Cow Fiddle conference and notices that, unlike herself, all the other cow fiddles have f-shaped holes on their backs. She decides to get them too. Will this turn out to be a good or bad decision?

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Bluey and the Kelpies

Seordag and her chicks Bluey, Pinky and Greeny go on a trek to climb a mountain, but when they get caught up in a storm they have to shelter overnight in a bothy. Bluey wakes up in the middle of the night to a strange sound coming from the loch below. She rushes down to the loch, forgetting Seordag's warning of the dreaded creatures the kelpies.

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Bog Dog

Marlene loses a boot in the bog while cutting peats. Seordag and Ewella try and pull it out of the bog and find a muddy creature attached to it. They take it make to Marlene's and clean it up, not realising what trouble this creature will cause.

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Return of the Stone

The Seer loses his stone. A camper finds it and hands it into the museum. Marlene reads about it in the paper and tells the Seer. When the Seer goes to get it back the museum won't give it to him without proof that it is his stone. Can Seordag and Soley help him get it back?

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Oighrig's Rose

Soley is very excited to be the first seagull to be chieftain at the Highland Games and looks forward to presenting the cup for the best team. However Lady Oighrig and her wee spy Ka are determined to win the cup and are willing to cheat in the contests. Can Seordag get a team together to challenge them?

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